AntiMite Liner HD

  • Sleeping bag liners serve the purpose of emergency anti-dust mite cover for use when travelling and everywhere one’s bed is not protected against dust mite allergens
  • These liners prevent dust mites and their allergens from unfamiliar beds from reaching the allergy sufferer and thus significantly reduce allergic reactions
  • Very dense and durable non-woven textile with sufficient breathability and the possibility of frequent washing at high temperatures
  • Effectiveness guaranteed by the manufacturer with the broadest specialisation and experience in the area of allergies, asthma and atopic eczema
  • Long life

AntiMite Liner sleeping-bag liners are suitable for people with dust mite allergies who travel and want to avoid contact with allergens from unfamiliar beds. These sleeping-bag liners are made of non-woven material which, thanks to its fibre density, is impenetrable for dust mites and their allergens, while ensuring sufficient breathability and comfort for sleeping. The material is not impregnated with any chemical agents. Thanks to their properties, they meet your bed-hygiene needs when you are on vacation, business trips, camping trips and weekend stays away from home.

Washing at 95°C = guaranteed hygienic cleanliness

AntiMite Liner sleeping-bag liners are made of Evolon, a very durable material that can be washed at 95°C. Washing at this temperature reliably eliminates all microorganisms and allergens. It is thus possible to wash the liners after every use on an unfamiliar bed.

Evolon: 70% PET, 30% PA 6

Evolon material has the unique structure of endless microfibers and is very resistant to mechanical damage. The fibres do not run or fray. Evolon ensures flawless protection of health and is very pleasant and soft to the touch. It does not scratch or rustle like other, similar functional materials. To achieve this property, it suffices to wash it before use. In addition, it is breathable, effectively conducts away moisture and dries very well. Furthermore, it is a very good thermal insulator and thus maintains thermal comfort for an extended period of time.


Evolon has received ECARF certification, which is awarded only to products that fulfil strict effectiveness criteria and are suitable for people who suffer from allergies. The material has also been awarded the EU international Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for textile ecology. Furthermore, the sleeping-bag liner has received the exclusive “ Guaranteed Effectiveness” mark, which guarantees that the product is not harmful to health and further guarantees the quality of stitching and of the utilised materials, as well as positive evaluations of consumers over the course of several years. The product fully performs its intended function.

Dimensions and practical information

The sleeping-bag liner is available in the dimensions of 218 × 84 cm, a universal size allowing use by both a small child and a 190 cm tall man. A zipper approximately 70 cm in length is placed on the left side, allowing easy access. The end of the liner comprises a practical pillow cover, thus preventing the pillow from moving and protecting it against possible allergens. AntiMite Liner sleeping-bag liners have several functions. Besides serving as an anti-dust mite barrier, they also serve as additional thermal insulation on beds and in sleeping bags. They are also suitable for use as hygienic liners in sleeping bags, for which frequent washing is otherwise not recommended. It is also possible to use the liners separately.


Manufactured in the Czech Republic for the HomeDoctor brand.


Material Microfiber Evolon - 70 % PET, 30 % PA 6
Dimensions 218 x 84 cm
Weight 0,4 kg
Certification ECARF, certification OEKO TEX, zaručená účinnost
Producer HomeDoctor, Czech Republic
Recommended price from 990 Kč