Boneco H700

Unique in its class
BONECO H700 is a professional. You can clean and humidify the air at the same time. This convenient and user-friendly appliance will satisfy all your requirements for healthy air. Thanks to its unsurpassed humidification performance and high-quality air purification, the H700 is suitable for large rooms such as offices, city apartments, lofts or doctor's offices. The innovative humidification and filtration system provides air quality comparable to clean air in untouched nature.
The appliance can be easily controlled using the control knob. Download the BONECO app and take advantage of additional features and modes. Simply set the desired humidity you feel most comfortable in and the h700 will do the rest. In addition, in the app you can choose between different modes (humidification, purification, hybrid) and improve the air quality as you see fit.
The SLEEP profile promotes restful sleep and the BABY profile creates maximum comfort while your baby sleeps.
Save up to 12 different operating times in the app in a weekly view. These operating times determine both the desired start and end times of the appliance's operation, as well as the preferred mode in which the appliance should run. The H700 thus provides perfect air in the room 24 hours a day.
Thanks to automatic dimming, the digital display adapts to the ambient light. In addition, air quality data can be easily recorded using the app, so you always have a perfect overview of the air in the room.
Main advantages of the product:
- The hybrid system cleans and humidifies the air at the same time (combination of humidification and cleaning)
- High moisturizing and cleaning performance
- Digital display with intuitive display of the current level of relative humidity and air quality thanks to the integrated hygro sensor and air quality sensor
- Control using the user-friendly BONECO application
- Ideal for young families thanks to BABY mode
- CLEAN mode for easy maintenance
- The evaporation mat can be washed in the washing machine
- Saves a lot of energy thanks to the highly efficient DC motor technology
- Clear display of air quality data
- Natural humidification and high-performance air purification to improve your overall well-being
- Handling even without an application - just press the button and the appliance will automatically take care of the perfect humidity


C. A. D. R.

190 m³/h


HEPA + uhlíkový

Humidity output

1010 g / hod

Tank volume

10 l


25 - 47 dB (A)

Power Consumption

2,6 - 26,5 W



Degree of performance



10,7 kg

Dimensions (w × l × h)

44,8 x 34,7 x 49 c