Boneco U200

The Swiss company Boneco produced the first air humidifier as early as 1963, and thanks to many years of experience and innovation, it belongs to the European market leaders in the field of air treatment. Now it presents a new series of ultrasonic air humidifiers that stand out with great performance and a design that will excite you.
Product description
The practical and compact design of the Boneco U200 humidifier fits anywhere, the device is quiet, and thanks to the integrated aroma essence container, you can refresh the air with a pleasant scent.
It is not by chance that the Boneco U200 humidifier won the prestigious design prize in the Red Dot Award competition.
The Boneco U200 air humidifier turns water into a fine mist thanks to efficient high-frequency technology, which is then distributed into the surrounding air using a fan. Thanks to the humidification performance of up to 300 ml/h, the humidifier can be used in a room up to 50 m2 in size, and easy operation is ensured by means of a special control knob. The water tank has a capacity of 3.5 liters and is easily accessible, making refilling water simple and hassle-free. When the device is in operation, the tank's backlight is blue, and the water level can also be checked visually thanks to the sight glass. If the water in the reservoir is running low, the backlight of the reservoir changes to red.
On the back of the device there is the already mentioned container for the aroma essence, into which a piece of cotton, cosmetic tampon or fabric is inserted and a few drops of your favorite natural or essential oil are dripped onto it, the aroma of which is then gradually released by the device.

- Suitable for use with essential oils
- Pleasant lighting creates a relaxation zone in the interior
- Very easy to control with one button
- Practical reminder to add water to the humidifier
- Easy to operate and clean
- Elegant design (Red Dot Award winner)
- Removable water tank for easy filling
- A part of the package:
The Boneco A7017 silver ionization rod ensures the gradual release of silver ions into the water, making it impossible for microorganisms to live, thus ensuring that the water is hygienically safe. The lifetime of the Boneco A7017 silver ionizing rod is 1 year and its use is completely safe and harmless.
Other recommended accessories:
The 2-in-1 Aqua PRO A250 water filter then reduces the risk of damage to the device by limescale, reduces water hardness and, thanks to active carbon, absorbs impurities and also copes with the smell of water.
Calc Off A7417 – descaling agent suitable for all air humidifiers.





Watter filter A250, ISS A7017

Humidity output

300 g / hod

Watter tank capacity

3,5 l


< 30 dB(A)
Suitable for room

50 m² / 125 m³

Power consumption

20 W



Degree of performance

Plynule regulovaný


1,8 kg

Dimensions (w × l × h)

24 x 12 x 26,3 cm