Compressor inhaler Intec Panda

A compact medical device designed for effecient inhalation of drugs. The cute shape of the penguin will facilitate cooperation with the child. With careful and proper use, you will use them for many years.

  • the cute shape makes it easier to work with children
  • pacifier-shaped attachment for babies
  • easy and convenient to use
  • handy handle for easy portability
Accessories supplied with the product:
  • nebulizer container
  • tube
  • mouthpiece
  • child mask
  • mask for adults
  • replacement air filters
  • inhalation pacifier for babies

Max. spray power

0,3 ml/min

Total particle size

0,5 - 10 µm

Mean particle size (MMAD)

3 µm

Volume of the medicin solution tank

10 ml


55 dB

Input Power

60 W

Max. time of continous operation

20 min

Adjustable particle size



1,4 kg

Dimensions (w × d × h):

185 × 120 × 232 mm