Compressor inhaler Intec Pingwin

The Intec Pingwin compressor inhaler is intended especially for pediatric patients. The cute penguin shape makes it easy to work with the child. The pacifier-shaped attachment also allows for use with infants.

  • suitable for children
  • pacifier-shaped attachment for the smallest patients
  • easy and convenient to use
  • graduated nebulizer
  • comfortable handle for easy carrying of the device  

Accessories supplied with the product:

  • spray tube
  • mouthpiece
  • child mask
  • mask for adults
  • air filters
  • pacifier for babies

Max. spray power

0,2 ml/min

Total particle size

0,5 - 10 µm

Mean particle size (MMAD)

1,3 - 1,5 µm

Volume of the medicin solution tank

10 ml, max. 6 ml inhalation solution


55 dB

Input Power

60 W

Max. time of continous operation

20 min

Adjustable particle size



1,5 kg

Dimensions (w × d × h):

178 × 120 × 234 mm