Inhaler Intec Turbo Mesh

Fast, effective and safe medication administration. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the inhaler is very inconspicuous. You can use it when traveling, at school, at work, but also during sports activities. The perforated MESH membrane helps to improve the utilization of the drug by reducing the amount of drug consumed. The inhaler does not heat up during operation, so it does not change the structure of the medicine.

Paretns will certainly appreciate that with the Turbo Mesh inhaler it is also possible to inhale while lying down, which other types of technology cannot do.

  • Small and portable
  • 2 inhalation rates
  • Charging via USB cable
  • Battery full indicator
  • MESH membrane
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Silent operation

Accesorries supplied with the product

  • Mask for children and adults
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB cabel
  • Cap protecting the membrane
  • Instruction for use

Max. spray power

0,2 ml/min

Total particle size

0,5 - 5 µm

Mean particle size (MMAD)

2,3 µm

Volume of the medicin solution tank

2 - 8 ml


20 dB(A)

Adjustable particle size



0,1 kg

Dimensions (w × d × h):

50 × 65 × 10 mm