Lanaform Air Humidifier H-200C

Automatic humidification with 3 performance levels
The smart air humidifier Lanaform H-200C will ensure perfect air quality in the room and help you fight against dry air, especially in winter. Thanks to the built-in hygrometer, automatic mode and three intensities, it guarantees optimal relative humidity. The built-in humidity sensor monitors the air quality in the room. It automatically adjusts the performance of the humidifier so that the air humidity is at the desired level. It diffuses an extra fine cold mist while allowing you to enjoy the beneficial effects of essential oils. You can control the device remotely using the Lanaform Connect app. With its output of 300 ml/hour, it runs continuously for up to 12 hours. The humidifier will also notify you when the reservoir needs to be filled. It turns off automatically when there is a lack of water.
Easy to fill and clean
The H-200C humidifier belongs to the new generation of humidifiers, where the tank is filled from above. This hole, together with the transport handle, makes it much easier to fill and empty the container or to clean it.
Even and optimal circulation throughout the room
360° ultrasonic diffusion disperses ultrafine steam evenly throughout the room. Drop a few drops directly into the water tank and enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The humidifier is illuminated with a soft atmospheric light that will add a touch of decoration to your home.
Digital display
The display provides all the necessary information, thanks to which you will always be in control. It not only displays the humidity level, but also the timer and night mode. The humidifier can also be controlled using the Lanaform Connect app. Connect your phone with the user-friendly app and monitor or control the device from anywhere in the world.
Optimal filtration
The H-200C is equipped with a zeolite antibacterial filter against limescale, which ensures a clean and hygienic mist discharge.
Features of the device:
- Top filling
- Easy cleaning
- LED touch control panel
- Diffusion of essential oils
- Zeolite antibacterial filter
- Aroma diffusion
- Night mode
- Automatic shutdown




Humidity output

250 g / hod

Watter tank capacity

2 l


Yes, Lanaform App
Suitable for room

30 m²

Power consumption

25 W


Led, touch

Degree of performance



1,4 kg

Dimensions (w × l × h)

17 x 25 x 17 cm