Lanaform Charly

Ultrasonic air humidifier for children Lanaform Charly
The Lanaform Charly air humidifier will become a caring helper for the child. It will provide him with peaceful nights thanks to its high humidification capacity, which will fill the room with healthy and clean air. It is energy-efficient, has a cheerful appearance and is suitable for areas with children.
The volume of the tank is 5 l. The ventilation system disperses water in the form of cold steam and thus supplies the required humidity. The Charly air humidifier is able to humidify for more than 17 hours. The quiet operation of the device enables operation even at night. It is possible to purchase an ionizing silver rod, which guarantees the hygienic safety of the water and is effective against bacteria.
It is equipped with a reservoir for essential oils, a built-in air ionizer with continuous operation and an indicator of an empty water reservoir. The device is quiet and allows you to adjust the amount of steam.
Features of the humidifier:
- Increases and maintains the relative humidity in the room
- Removes electrostatic charge
- Improves the air quality in the room
- Lasts up to 17 hours
- Storage of aroma essences



Calc Off

Humidity output

300 g / hod

Water capacity

5 l
Recommended room up to size

25 m²

Power Consumption

45 W



Degree of performance

Continuously regulated


1,5 kg

Dimensions (w × l × h)

25,5 x 24 x 34 cm