Lanaform Pommy

Description of the POMMY humidifier
Lanaform Pommy air humidifier and essential oil diffuser is designed and constructed for families with children. It takes care of the air quality in the children's room, where it also serves as a cute accessory. Its use is pleasant and easy.
It is equipped with a 1.2 l tank. The ventilation system disperses water in the form of cold steam and thus supplies the required humidity. It has an adjustable amount of steam. The Pommy air humidifier is able to humidify for more than 10 hours, thereby guaranteeing children a peaceful sleep throughout the night. It runs very quietly, is light and compact. The equipment includes a reservoir for essential oils. Pommy is energy efficient and has a nice appearance.
Features of the humidifier:
- increases and maintains the relative humidity in the room
- removes electrostatic charge
- improves air quality in the environment



Calc Off

Humidity output

120 g / hod

Water capacity

1,2 l


32 dB(A)
Recommended room up to size

15 m²

Power Consumption

20 W



Degree of performance

Continuously regulated


0,7 kg

Dimensions (w × l × h)

16,8 x 16,8 x 25 cm