Pristine® HD

  • These covers prevent penetration by dust mites and their allergens from the bed to the allergy sufferer and thus significantly reduce allergic reactions
  • The densest polyester fabric on the market with sufficient breathability
  • Effectiveness guaranteed by the manufacturer with the broadest specialisation and experience in the area of allergies, asthma and atopic eczema
  • Long life – full effectiveness even after 50 washes

Pristine® HD anti-dust mite barrier covers are special bedding covers intended for persons suffering from dust mite allergies. They are used on ordinary mattresses, pillows and blankets. Placing these covers on one’s bed creates a physical, impenetrable barrier through which dust mites cannot reach the allergy sufferer, thus eliminating the cause of dust mite allergies and reducing the probability of related allergic reactions.

Pristine® HD – the best of synthetic fibres

These covers are made of Pristine 66457-112 Calendered textile, which is the densest type of Pristine® fabric available on the market. The gaps between fibres are less than six micrometres wide on average and thus prevent dust mites and their allergens from reaching the allergy sufferer, while maintaining sufficient breathability. Thanks to its synthetic origin, the material is wrinkle-resistant and durable.


Pristine® HD anti-dust mite covers have been awarded the exclusive “ Guaranteed Effectiveness” mark, which guarantees precision of the details including zippers so that the product fully performs its intended function. The product is recommended by the National Institute of Public Health.

Use of covers

The covers are placed directly on mattresses, pillows and blankets. It is appropriate (though not necessary) to vacuum clean the covers prior to application. It is of primary importance to completely cover the bed in order to prevent contact with allergens from bedding that has not been covered. Then the ordinary sheets and pillowcases are placed in the covers, thus protecting them against contamination. It is recommended that the covers should be washed at 60°C after every six months of use, which guarantees that they will function properly and last a long time. The best effect is achieved by application on all beds in the room and by following the basic rules for removing irritating allergens.


The covers are available in the most common dimensions for mattresses, pillows and blankets. If you need different dimensions, it is possible to have covers made to order in any size upon agreement.


Manufactured in the Czech Republic for the HomeDoctor brand.


Technology densely woven polyester fibre Pristine 66457-12 Calendered
Covers matress, pillows, blankets
Dimensions typified, atypified only on request
Certification Zaručená účinnost, recommended by SZÚ
Producer HomeDoctor, Czech Republic
Recommended price from 510 Kč