Pulse Oximeter Rossmax SB200

The pulse oximeter immediately detects SpO2 percentage, pulse rate and vascular elasticity. It is also equipped with ACT Technology, which helps prevent cardiovascular disorders.
ACT - Artery Check Technology
The oximeter is equipped with ACT technology - Arterial Control Technology. The device analyzes the pulse and SpO2 signals and thanks to this determines the current state of the artery. It classifies the result into 6 levels using an intuitive graphic visualization.
(The evaluation of the arterial condition is shown on the display under the number 1 - 6, where 1 is a good condition and 6 is a critical condition.)
Features of the SB200:
- ACT technology
- Instant readings of SpO2, heart rate and arterial condition in 1 minute
- Pulse strength indicator
- Visible / Audible alarm
- Two-way two-color OLED display
- The device is biocompatible and anti-allergenic
- Shield design against direct light

MD Class

Powe supply

2 x AAA battery


37 g

Dimensions (w × l × h)

6,4 x 3,4 x 3,5 cm