Bedding Cleany 95

  • Cleany 95 is very durable bedding intended for frequent washing at high temperatures
  • Washing at high temperatures reliably destroys all microorganisms and eliminates allergens
  • Dermatologically tested, does not irritate skin
  • Effectiveness guaranteed by the manufacturer with the broadest specialisation and experience in the area of allergies, asthma and atopic eczema
  • Long life

This bedding made of very durable material offers a 100% guarantee with respect to long-term use and reliable elimination of microorganisms and allergens from the user’s bed. By using this bedding, it is possible to keep your bed hygienically clean for the longest possible period of time.

Washing at 95°C = guaranteed hygienic cleanliness

Cleany 95 product line – high-quality pillows and blankets made of hollow fibres that are characterised especially by their high durability and long life. These products are suitable for washing at high temperatures, which reliably eliminates dust mite allergens and most microorganisms. Thanks to their outstanding properties, they are used in facilities requiring a high degree of hygienic cleanliness, such as hospitals and hotels. The Cleany 95 bedding line fulfils the requirements placed on bedding for allergy sufferers, especially the possibility of regular and frequent maintenance while retaining all functional properties.

Surface material: 52% polyester, 48% cotton

The combination of cotton and polyester in the above-mentioned proportions guarantees optimal properties for frequent use and washing. At the same time, polyester gives the fabric strength and durability, while cotton softens it and ensures its breathability.

Blanket filling: 100% Hollow® siliconised polyester

Hollow® polyester fibres are heat formed into a spiral shape and are very flexible. Thanks to siliconisation, they are soft and have shape memory and a high loft value. The blanket thus provides a high degree of thermal insulation and breathability, which enables rapid evaporation of bodily moisture.

Pillow filling: 100% Amball® polyester

Small polyester balls have outstanding thermal insulation properties and are very light and pliable. Pillows with this filling excel in terms of softness, natural pliability and a high degree of breathability.


The surface material has been awarded the EU international Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for textile ecology. Furthermore, Cleany 95 bedding has also been awarded the exclusive “ Guaranteed Effectiveness” mark, which guarantees that the product is not harmful to health and further guarantees the quality of stitching and of the utilised materials, as well as positive evaluations of consumers over the course of several years. The product fully performs its intended function.


The bedding is available in the most common dimensions: pillow 50 × 70 cm, pillow 70 × 90 cm, blanket 140 × 200 cm, children’s set with blanket 100 × 135 cm and pillow 40 × 60 cm.


Manufactured in the EU for the HomeDoctor brand.


Surface material 48% cotton, 52% polyester
Filling 100% polyester Amball®, 100% polyester Hollow®
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions pillow 70 x 90 cm or 50 x 70 cm, blanket 140 x 200 cm, children set
Certification certification OEKO TEX, Zaručená účinnost
Producer HomeDoctor, Czech Republic
Recommended price from 339 Kč